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Bringing you info about technology, and how it impacts your life for better and worse.   -Brian K, Community Partnerships Supervisor

  1. You Don’t Need to Pay Me, I Work for Hope –Wrap Up

    This week we will take a look at three more sites and I will give you my final thoughts.

    First we will look at two blogging platforms.

    Exhibit Five 

    Blogger wouldn’t allow anyone to use my content, would they? 

  2. You Don’t Need To Pay Me, I Work For Hope - Part 2

    Today we will look at two more services many of you may use and what you give up when you agree to their terms. 

    Exhibit Three

    I love sharing my photos on Flickr, they can’t use those, right?

  3. You Don’t Need To Pay Me, I Work For Hope

    I just finished reading a book by Jaron Lanier called “Who Owns the Future” and while this is no way a book review, his book did give me some things to ponder. Lanier’s basic argument is that we are all being foolish by giving (and taking) each other’s intellectual content for free.

  4. I Can Do This And So Can You

    There is a growing culture of Makers in our country who are not only expanding and honing their talents but who also want to share their experience and knowledge with you. The result is multiple media streams that demystify projects making them doable for most of us.

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