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"Zombie's computer" by Landalauts

I've been wondering why my home computer has slowed down recently. I swear, I went outside one Saturday to do some raking, came back in to find I'd left my laptop on and open, which would be fine except one of those four-legged furry animals I somehow love had decided to stomp and sit all over it. Dell Media Center had opened. I've never submitted my computer to the horrors of Dell Media Center (which I'll be removing when I get a round to it).

But could my cat have zombified my computer?

According to a recent and fantastically informative MakeUseOf.com post, zombie computers use communication programs, like Outlook, to send spam email after having been infected by the bot pulling the strings. The post gives a better description of what a zombie computer is, how you can prevent it, and some tips on curing it.

My cat could very well have sat on the perfect combination of keys and mouse buttons to open my spam folder and send Firefox off to some opium den of a malicious web site. I'll be trying out some of MakeUseOf's tips when I get home.

Image Credit: "Zombie's Computer" by Landahlauts, used under CC license.

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