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Waves crashing on Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA - Hurricane Sandy

While I was thinking about what to blog today, my mind kept wandering to the storm hitting the East Coast. And it occurred to me to share the places I go for info on storms, like The Weather Channel's site, Weather Underground, and maybe even NOAA.

Then I saw that Mashable! had already done my work for me with the post "How to Follow Hurricane Sandy Online." They add a few webcams and tablet apps to my list, but I feel validated that they covered my sites, too. My infojitsu's still good.

The tech blogs have interesting Sandy-related posts.

It's not all interesting, and in some cases posts just don't feel right. I may be unsubscribing to a few blogs as soon as I finish posting this. Here are some reasons why:

  • Mashable's songs for Hurricane Sandy feels wrong
  • Gizmodo's on notice, too, for giving attention to Tweeters complaining that the hurricane might delay their new iPhones
  • Gizmodo's post about the carbon-fiber sled you can ride after "frankenstorm" (can't believe I typed that) feels inappropriately consumerist following a devastating event

I hope your friends out East --and mine, too-- weather the storm safely.

(Image credit: "Waves crashing on Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA - Hurricane Sandy" from Flickr user jeffcutler, used under Creative Commons license.)

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