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Nonstop ads, finger-pointing debates, and 24/7 opinion news. You may feel bombarded and confused by the endless noise. You may begin to doubt the candidate you've selected because now it sounds like he might not be the best choice. And with all that "information" rattling around out there, can you be blamed for not knowing that one of the candidates for president is a woman?

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Find out which of six presidential candidates best shares your worldview by taking the ISideWith.com quiz. That's right, six candidates. In addition to the two you already know, there's Libertatian candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson, and Constitution Party Candidate Virgil Goode.

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The quiz offers several yes/no questions in eight categories: social issues, environmental issues, economic issues, domestic policy issues, healthcare issues, foreign policy issues, immigration issues, and science issues. In addition to your yes or no answers, you can also opt to "choose another stance," which offers various conditional responses to the question. You can also select how important each question is to you. When you're done, ISideWith.com does some thinking, and will let you know which candidate is most closely aligned with your responses.

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The site isn't funded by any corporate or political interest--in fact, you'll find requests for Paypal donations all over the place. The about page is kind of amusing. According to the site, ISideWith is the product of work by two friends with different political views whose goal with the site is to increase voter turnout. Does that mean it's trustworthy? That's not too difficult to fact check. You can take their quiz and then go investigate the candidate(s) who show up in your results. Do some research, pick your man or woman, and then install earplugs for the next couple-three weeks. This will be over soon.

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