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Fox Footprints: local history

The Appleton Public Library is very interested in preserving local history and collecting our shared stories. This blog is a place to share those stories, sometimes from Appleton, sometimes from elsewhere in Wisconsin. I hope to connect people with others who are interested in the footprints of the past. Feel free to chime in about your history.   -Karen

Great news for those of you who have been stymied by that annoying gap of coverage for a City Directory between 1874 and 1884.  We are now able to offer you the 1877-78 Pryor's Appleton City Directory.  It includes many of the standard things you would hope to find.  The bulk is an alphabetical listing of  "2,300 names, an increase of over 500 since 1874".  There is also a business directory which is described as "a complete mirror of the business and manufacturing interests."   I think my favorite part though, is the listing of all of the named streets, with a description of where they are in relation to other streets, or the river.  Each of the six wards is clearly defined as well.  This means you can trace the city streets back two years before the 1880 map.  The directory is kept in safe storage (WR 917.7539 Pry) so you will have to request it from a staff member at the Reference Desk on the second floor, and use it here in the library.   Here's hoping you will find a surprise!


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