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George St. Pierre's 'Rushfit' program

I am more than half way through MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre’s 8 week Rushfit program.  I love it, especially how quickly I see gains in strength without injuries or soreness.  (I should add that I am only doing the workout portion and never even read all the way through the nutrition aspect of it.)


When this first arrived at the Library I checked it out and quickly realized I liked the workouts enough to buy the set.  I wear grappling kneepads for two of the videos, but you really can get by with just hand weights and, for some exercises if you are working on a hard floor, a couple of Pilates mats piled on top of each other.


When I first started following the Beginner schedule, I wondered if my 5 pound weights would be too much; by the end of the second week they were already way too light.  If you watch any of the preview trailers on the Rushfit website, you can get the false impression that they are loud, frenetic workouts. Georges St. Pierre’s trainer, Erik Owings, is actually very calm and speaks quietly and presents a very enjoyable and challenging workout. I really like his approach to functional fitness and his stress on moving with the correct form and listening to your body while pushing on.  In the Beginner schedule there is one day a week where you just do some kind of cardio for 20 or 30 minutes (I usually do my Kung Fu Kickboxing video) and then another day where you do some cardio plus one of the Rushfit videos.  There is at least one rest day each week.


The set consists of the following titles


One of my favorites is “The Fight Conditioning Workout”; there are a lot of fast combinations with shoots and sprawls as well as some grappling movements on the floor.  "Full Body Strength and Conditioning" is another favorite. Most workouts consist of the same 10 min warm-up followed by a 30 min workout and then the same 6 minute cool-down.

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