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  - Sara,  Electronic Services Librarian

Forza, the samurai sword workout by Ilaria Montagnani

I have already testified my love of Ilaria Montagnani’s kickboxing DVDs.  When my coworker told me a patron requested we purchase her “Forza” samurai sword workout this summer, I was very happy because for years I had wanted to try it.   


This DVD has become another of my favorites.  Though there’s not much cardio effect, it’s really great for the arms and is quite enjoyable and definitely unique.  Since I don’t have a sword, I use a longer, spare hatchet handle (a friend said a sawed-off broom handle worked well for her).  You’ll need to concentrate on using both arms equally each time you move the sword, and to maintain proper body alignment and form. Ilaria gives instructions before the workout and also offers cues and reminders during the workout to help you with this.  If you pay attention to maintaining correct form, you will get a really good arm and abdominal workout.

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