Changes to Learning Express (Learn-a-test) start January 3

Pulp-less Fiction: Digital Downloads

This blog is about new paperless reading materials like downloadable audio books, ebooks, and online magazines, made available to you through the Appleton Public Library. I plan to provide helpful tips on using these new products, along with reviews of audio books, music on cd, and movies on DVD and Blu-ray.  The library is changing as rapidly as your access to media and the Internet. We want to keep on top of the trends and bring you information and entertainment in a way that fits your life today.   -Beth

Have a test coming up--the GED, SAT, or TOEIC?  Or you'd like to polish your math skills or learn about Adobe Photoshop?  LearningExpress Library provides these options and many more.  If you have not yet signed up, please wait until January 3 to create an account and take advantage of the improved format.


"On January 3, 2014 LearningExpress will be updated to LearningExpress Library 3.0.

LearningExpress Library is a collection of web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials for children, teens, and adults. Improve your academic skills, achieve educational goals, and prepare for careers with LearningExpress Library!

LearningExpress Library 3.0 is a whole NEW experience! It offers improved functionality and content including:

  • New and improved site design
  • Easier to use navigation
  • New interactive tutorials
  • Multiple test modes for study and practice
  • Recommendations for additional study

Please note
: the update of LearningExpress and the shift to a new platform requires users to re-register their accounts. Existing accounts will not be carried over to the new version. Work done on the old LearningExpress will be not be available after January 3, 2014.  Please encourage your students to finish all coursework before January 3, 2014.

Users should register for a new account at their earliest convenience after January 3rd.

For questions about the update to LearningExpress Library 3.0, please contact BadgerLink."


Alos, be aware that the official GED® test will be updated on January 2, 2014. The GED® Preparation Center in LearningExpress Library will be removed on December 30, 2013, and new GED 2014® products will be available on the new LearningExpress Library platform in January 2014.  Stay tuned!


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