6. Computer Use

  • Computers are available on the first and second floors and can be accessed with your own library card number.
  • The Children's section has 8 computers for children and for adults who are attending to their children in that area.
  • The first floor has 3 computers east of the Information Desk. You may use your cell phone at these computers.
  • The second floor has 23 computers, one at a stand-up station with a feeder scanner. Cell phones must be set to silent or vibrate on the second floor, and cell phone conversations are prohibited. If you need to use your cell phone while on the computer, please go to one of the three first floor computers.
  • A digital creation lab with 6 iMacs is also available on the second floor. Photo ID is required to access these computers.
  • PRINTING is $0.15 per toner application for black and white (two-sided = $0.30/page), and $0.35 for color (two-sided = $0.70/page). Wireless printing is also available for devices on a Windows environment or Mac environment (Intel-only).

Rules for using the Library's computers

  • Everyone has two hours per day to use the internet computers. You can log on as many times as you'd like; as soon as you reach two hours, however, you will no longer have access.
  • Printing is $0.15 per black & white page (8.5"x11") and $0.35 for each color copy (8.5"x11"). The same is true for photocopies.
  • Staff will attempt to assist with software or hardware problems but are not experts on all types of software or hardware. Patrons are ultimately responsible for their own use of the computers and can use print and online tutorials, plus books from the collection, to learn how to use the computers.
  • Patrons access the computers using their own Appleton or OWLSnet Library cards or an Appleton non-borrowers ("internet only") Library card. Patrons may not use cards belonging to others.
  • Patrons with fines/bills greater than or equal to $5 as well as any other delinquencies will not be allowed access. To resolve a delinquency, or for further information, please contact the Checkout desk.
  • Area residents without Library cards will need to apply for a card.
  • Short-term visitors from outside the area may be given a guest card, good for one day use. Guest cards are issued at the Reference Desk and require presentation of a valid ID.
  • Patrons who have cards but did not bring them may be eligible for a one-time use exception by presenting valid ID.
  • Staff will monitor use of the computers to see that patrons are following the Library's Internet Policy and Rules of Conduct posted in the area.

View information and rules for the iMac digital creation lab and for equipment that can be checked out or used at the Library.

WiFi at Appleton Public Library

By using WiFi at the library you agree that you are subject to our Internet Policy.

How to Connect:
Any device with WiFi capability should automatically detect the aplpublic signal. No password is required. Wireless access points are located throughout the building, although signal strength may vary. Wireless printing is also available. To print wirelessly, please speak to staff member at a service desk. Printing costs are listed here.

Please note: We expect patrons to be able to configure their own equipment to access the wireless network and cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to personal equipment. WiFi is less secure than a wired network. We do not offer any laptops or peripheral equipment (power strips, wireless network cards, cables, printers, etc) to the public. Staff may require patrons who fail to comply with our Internet Policy to terminate their wireless session and leave the building.

Where is the scanner computer?

A computer with a feeder scanner is located in front and slightly to the east of the Reference Desk on the second floor. This is a 30 minute stand-up station. Login with your own library card number. ID cards, etc., can be fed through the feeder scanner with a carrier sheet that is available at the Reference Desk. The scanner computer also has Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard edition.

Printing is 15¢/page (for black & white; 35¢/page for color).

A flatbed scanner is available in the Digital Creation Lab at iMac #6, along with Photoshop Elements 9. You will need to show photo ID to access the lab.