APL Storyteller - Sharrie

A couple of years ago I was looking for a writing group to join. I couldn’t find a writing group that met my needs. A writing group where you could write just for fun, with no critique.

I had been coming to the library for another class, so I was familiar with the staff at the library. I decided that I would pitch my idea of a new writing group to one of the library supervisors. The supervisor loved the idea; but due to staffing demands, the library would need to work with an outside source interested in facilitating the group. Without another thought, I interviewed to be the facilitator of the group, and I was accepted.

Our writing group brings people of all backgrounds together. Creative people looking for an outlet to express their feelings. Like me, they may not be confident enough for a strong critique nor do they want to spend a lot of money on classes offered elsewhere.

We have a man who is a film maker and lives in Hollywood. His mother lives in Appleton and when he comes back to visit her, he always joins the group.

A young woman who attends Kaukauna high school joined the group last summer. She's a very good writer, but shy and didn't want to share what she wrote with the others. She did, however, ask me to read them after class one day. During the last summer meeting, she brought two young men with her. For the first time she read her stories out loud and before she left, thanked me and said she met her goal of having the self-confidence to share.

We have a regular attendee who is living with ALS. She comes to class and uses the time as her outlet of expression; writing her thoughts and feelings that she can’t verbally express. Through her writing, she shares delightful stories that we wouldn’t be able to hear, and we have the privilege of sharing what’s coming from deep inside her.

To me, a library is a place that opens new worlds – which is exactly what our creative writing group does for not only myself, but for many others.

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