Assault With a Deadly Glue Gun

Assault with a deadly glue gun
The first title in a new series, this is a stitch from beginning to end! (Pun intended) The heroine, Anastasia Pollack, is the crafts editor at what she describes as a"medium classy" national women's magazine. She has just been informed her husband was not out of town at a work meeting, but gambling in Las Vegas, keeled over and died. Sounds funny so far, right? Suddenly she is a widow, with enormous debts, no assets, and a self-proclaimed communist mother in law (and devil-dog) permanently living with her. But the surprises just keep on coming! Add in her own mother (and spoiled rotten cat), a ruthless loan shark and a grisly murder in her own office chair with her own glue gun and shake well. But this is a Jersey girl! With a nod to Stephanie Plum, the story moves along so quickly you can barely keep up with the action. The text is packed with literary and popular culture references, and are even a few craft projects sprinkled in. I guarantee you will laugh with this one. I can hardly wait for the next one!

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