Born Stateless: No Citizenship, No Country

Thursday, August 22 | 6:30-7:30 pm

Most of us take our U.S. citizenship for granted. How would we feel if we were born stateless…without a country to shape our identity? Srinuan “Aor” Saokhamnuan will share her life experiences of growing up stateless and how, with help from a non-profit organization, she was able to attend UW-Stevens Point and eventually gain citizenship in her home country of Thailand.

Aor was born in a thatch-roof, plywood hut in Thailand. She lived as a refugee with no birth certificate and was not able to go to college, work legally, or travel. She was not recognized as a Thai citizen because her parents fled Myanmar, leaving her vulnerable to exploitation in the sex trade. Lack of citizenship in Thailand is the greatest risk factor for a girl or woman to be sold or lured into prostitution.

Join us in the lower level meeting room August 22 and learn about Aor’s journey to citizenship at Born Stateless: No Citizenship, No Country. For further information, contact the Reference desk at 920-832-6173.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Quinnell.


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