Dorchester Terrace

Dorchester Terrace

As a reader with an avid interest in history, Anne Perry provides some of the most meticulously researched series I’ve ever read. Her two most famous (and intertwining) series are the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt and William Monk mysteries. They are set in Victorian England, and move from the world of the rich and famous to the hopeless poverty and dark underworld of Dickensian London. In the first book Thomas Pitt is a gamekeeper's son turned policeman, a relatively new profession. Charlotte is the daughter of a well-to-do gentleman, whose older sister is murdered. As you read through the series the characters develop as they encounter betrayal, horrors, love, passion and unexpected friendships.

In Dorchester Terrace, the latest in the Pitt series, Thomas Pitt has been moved up to the position Head of Special Branch, which means he must deal with anarchists, terrorists, and threats to the country. Thomas has always been uneasy about this last promotion—he knows he is very good at detecting, but this new post rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, makes him feel out of place. His wife Charlotte does what she can to assist in the case, despite his oath of secrecy which requires that he keep everything to himself.

There are rumors that anarchists are plotting to blow up the Dover to London rail line—but are they true? If so, who is the target—a minor Hapsburg family member who is a foreign diplomat yet appears to be a dilettante? Is the bombing a distraction from an even greater threat in the capitol? Or could one of his enemies be plotting to discredit him? Meanwhile a former Italian revolutionary and spy lies dying in her house, afraid that when her mind rambles she will give away secrets which still could prove dangerous.

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