IndieFlix Recognizes Veterans Day

Nations around the world celebrate Armistice Day on November 11 as a time to honor peace and the soldiers who fight for it. Here in the U.S., we celebrate Veterans Day. Here are some of the top films featuring soldiers available on IndieFlix.

Coming Home (14 min) Ages 13+ This moving personal documentary was made by Vietnam War veteran Herb Sennett. I learned that if I am not able to help the people in another land, I can sure help the people around me, - Herb says. Coming Home features his recollections of that time, his impressions of Vietnam and its people, and the legacy it left on his life.

December 7th: the Pearl Harbor Story (82 min) All ages December 7th, 1941. No American will ever forget this Sunday morning in Hawaii. This restored, full-length version of the film stars Walter Huston as Uncle Sam and is set in Honolulu on the day before the Japanese attack. The attack on Pearl Harbor, the battle that sent the U.S. into World War II, is vividly illustrated as only Hollywood can do.

Who Will Stand (112 min) Ages 13+ This feature documentary takes a close look at what happens to 21st century veterans when they return home: the joy of reconnecting with loved ones, the pain of dealing with lingering wounds.

A War to End All Wars (120 min) Ages 13+ Fascinating and unique tales from World War I, narrated by UK broadcaster Robin Thompson.

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