Map of True Places

Map of True Places

Brunonia Barry is back with an emotionally resonant novel of tragedy, secrets, identity and love.

Psychotherapist Zee Finch begins her journey when one of her patients, a troubled bipolar housewife named Lilly, leaps off a bridge to her death. The tragedy brings up memories of her mother's suicide, prompting her to go see her father, Finch in Salem. Yes, the Salem of witchcraft fame. She is startled to find Finch's Parkinson’s disease is much more advanced than she'd been led to believe, and that he has kicked his partner, Melville, out of the house. Zee decides to take a leave of absence from her practice to care for Finch, a move that puts a strain on her engagement. As that relationship comes to an end, Zee tries to puzzle out what caused Finch to abruptly break up with his beloved Melville. She also tries to make sense of Lilly's death, unaware that the dangerous man Lilly was involved with now wants to exact revenge on her. Her carefully mapped out life is completely adrift, and everything familiar is gone. Toss in the House of the Seven Gables, learning about celestial navigation, sailing an historic tall ship, and a few family secrets, and you have plenty to like. This is a fast read that keeps you turning pages.

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