Only 3 Days Left!

You've got just a few days left for your chance to win a trip to WrestleMania. Pick up an entry form at your school, the Appleton Public Library, or print one here. Write your letter trying to convince your favorite WWE Superstar to read your favorite book, and turn in your entry form and letter at the Info Desk on the library's main level. It's easy and you could win big, so why not give it a shot. Look, it's easy:

Dear Kane,

I love Chris Crutcher's book Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. Eric and Sarah became friends when they were young, united by their perceived ugliness. Eric was overweight and Sarah was a burn victim. But Eric loses weight swimming, so he binge eats to "stay fat for Sarah." She finds out and gets ticked off, putting their relationship on the rocks just when the truth of her past comes to light. It's an authentic story of friendship. You should read this book because it might make you feel better. Wouldn't it have been great for you to have a friend like Eric?

Sincerely, Brian-the-Librarian.

See how easy that is? A half hour or less, tops! And you might get to go to WrestleMania for it. So get those entries in now!


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