The Paris Wife

a novel (2011)
The Paris Wife:  a Novel

Hadley Richardson was a Midwestern spinster when she first met Ernest Hemingway, seven years her junior. She was naïve, having been an invalid during most of her childhood and tending her mother through her long final illness. Ernest swept her into the world of flappers, jazz and speakeasies.

Soon they moved to Paris for the atmosphere, the jazz, the nightlife—and a place where Ernest could concentrate on his writing. There they became part of the “Lost Generation”—partying with famous artists and writers such as Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein and F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald.

This evocative novel, based on their letters to each other and told in Hadley’s voice, brings their passionate love story to life. As their differing goals, Ernest’s tremendous talent and his desire for danger are pulling their marriage apart, we still hope they will find a way to keep their life together.

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