Things We Didn't Say

Things We Didn't Say

I really liked this book!  The title is absolutely perfect, and says it all.  The characters and their interactions are very real; you are smack dab in the middle of this family’s life.  Mom and dad are divorced, the kids live with dad, and he is engaged to a woman they barely know, much less trust.  You feel their hopes, share their dreams and hurts with each disappointment.  The story is told through the voice of one character at a time; each character gets their turn to talk, but they talk only to you and not each other.  And that, dear reader, is the problem in a nutshell.

This writing device thoroughly explores their different points of view, and lets you know what they are each thinking and feeling.  A good book for parents to read (Talk to your kids!) and a great book for teens to read (Talk to your parents!)

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