Third Grade: Series-ly Worth It

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Contact Ellen at or call 920-832-6020.

Join Ellen Jepson, the school age librarian, to meet classic, popular, and new characters found in fiction and non-fiction series that students will enjoy reading.  This program includes an introduction to approximately 10 genres, and a tour of the children’s section.  Students will also learn the basics of using Infosoup, the library’s online catalog.  Expect this program to last approximately one hour.  This fieldtrip is available from October 1 to May 31.  RL3.3, RL3.9, RL3.10 (OEU 1-4) Common Core Standards.

Getting library cards and/or checking out books are not a requirement to visit the library for a field trip!

Library cards may be obtained for your students if desired.  This requires that completed library card applications be returned to the library at least ten days before the visit, accompanied by a class list showing the students’ home addresses.  Library card applications can be found on our FAQ page.  If you choose to check out books, please add 30 minutes to the amount of time you plan to stay at the library.

 All library programs are free, and school age programs are taught by a professional librarian. 

 Classrooms consisting of more than one grade may attend the program of their choice, and the program will be appropriately modified.

 Please ask us if you would like help combining this fieldtrip with a stop at another Appleton downtown destination.

 Contact Ellen Jepson at or 920-832-6020.

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