Tuesday Night Specials

Select Tuesday Nights | 6:15 pm

Pop in select Tuesday nights as we provide new family-friendly programs. Check out the listing below for upcoming events. All programs are perfect for families of all ages.

Laughter Night | July 8
Get ready to laugh! Bring your favorite jokes and funny poems to share and listen to the librarian's favorite humorous poems.

A Chocolate Celebration | July 15
Enjoy a story or two featuring chocolate, play a few chocolate candy bar games and savor a sweet treat!

Secret Agents | July 22
Train to be a secret agent! After sharing a story, we'll learn about codes and ciphers, try disguising our voices and maybe even have a scavenger hunt!

*Lego Movie | July 29
Bring a snack, some pillows and watch the new Lego Movie with us! *The Lego Movie begins at 6:05 pm.


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