Winter Garden

Winter Garden

I got hooked on Kristin Hannah years ago after reading Angel Falls and have been an avid fan of hers ever since. Her books tend to be warm, romantic reads and the plots usually have strong family ties. In 2010 she published the book, Winter Garden. I anticipated a nice, heart-warming story as always, but this book went far beyond her usual charm. The book chronicles the lives of sisters, Nina and Meredith. The story opens with Nina and Meredith as adult children of a warm-hearted father and a seemingly distant mother. The twist in the book begins when the women are forced to deal with their strained relationship with their mother, Anya, the woman with whom they share little memories except for her haunting fairy tales, told to them as small children. Together they begin to solve the puzzle of their mother’s past and discover the mysteries that made her the woman she is today. The story takes you to Cold War Russia, during Stalin’s reign, a time of great despair and terrible hardships. Not only does the book captivate you with its wonderful story, but also takes you back to a dark era of history many of us know little about.

I have recommended this book to numerous people and have only heard positive feedback. Most, like myself were deeply touched by this book. Have a box of Kleenex on hand for this read.

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