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  1. Referencia Latina

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    This comprehensive Spanish-language database offers content from a variety of sources including thousands of encyclopedia entries, an inclusive collection of images, an atlas, health reports, a Spanish-English dictionary and full text for reference books and general interest magazines in a broad array of subject areas.

    Content Includes:

    • 49,000 encyclopedia entries
    • Spanish-English dictionary
    • More than 2,500 health reports
    • Over 100 multidisciplinary reference books 
    • Dozens of general interest magazines in a variety of subject areas
    • More than 100,000 images with captions in Spanish
    • An atlas consisting of 330 Spanish-language maps
    • Reputable, regional Spanish language newspapers: Daily updates ensure availability of the most current articles from a dozen prominent newspapers from 10 Latin American countries such as:

      • El Comercio (Perú)
      • El Mercurio (Chile)
      • El Tiempo (Colombia)

      • El Universal (México)
      • El País (Uruguay)
      • El Nacional (Venezuela)
      • La Nación (Argentina)
      • La Nación (Costa Rica)
      In addition, prominent full-text magazines include Automundo, People en Español,Entrepreneur México, Contenido and Impacto Latin News.

      Referencia Latina's intuitive, theme-based Spanish-language interface is designed to make content readily accessible to non-English users with limited online research experience.

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  2. Mango Languages

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    Mango Languages is an easy to use and effective language learning tool focusing on everyday conversation. This program provides step by step lesson plans for many different languages (including English). Mango is easy to use and can work on any operating system and with any web browser.

    Foreign Languages for English Speakers
    1. Arabic (Levantine)
    2. Chinese (Cantonese)
    3. Chinese (Mandarin)
    4. Croatian
    5. Czech
    6. Danish
    7. Dari
    8. Dutch
    9. Farsi (Persian)
    10. Finnish
    11. French
    12. French (Canadian)
    13. German
    14. Greek
    15. Greek (Ancient)
    16. Greek (Koine)
    17. Haitian Creole
    18. Hawaiian
    19. Hebrew
    20. Biblical Hebrew
    21. Hindi
    22. Icelandic
    23. Indonesian
    24. Irish
    25. Italian
    26. Japanese
    27. Korean
    28. Latin
    29. Norwegian
    30. Pashto
    31. Pirate
    32. Polish
    33. Portuguese (Brazil)
    34. Russian
    35. Slovak
    36. Spanish (Latin America)
    37. Spanish (Spain)
    38. Swedish
    39. Tagalog
    40. Tamil
    41. Thai
    42. Turkish
    43. Ukrainian
    44. Urdu
    45. Vietnamese
    English as a Second Language

    Mango currently has 15 ESL programs for learning English.

    1. English for Arabic (Egyptian) speakers
    2. English for Chinese (Cantonese) speakers
    3. English for Chinese (Mandarin) speakers
    4. English for French speakers
    5. English for German speakers
    6. English for Greek speakers
    7. English for Italian speakers
    8. English for Japanese speakers
    9. English for Korean speakers
    10. English for Polish speakers
    11. English for Portuguese (Brazil) speakers
    12. English for Russian speakers
    13. English for Spanish (Latin America) speakers
    14. English for Turkish speakers
    15. English for Vietnamese speakers
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    Mango Languages
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  3. AHFS Consumer Medication Information

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    Formerly titled "Lexi-PALS Drug Guide," AHFS Consumer Medication Information is a trusted source and recognized standard for patient drug information, available in both English and Spanish. Published by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, AHFS includes more than a thousand drug information monographs written in lay language for consumers and has been a Top Ten Award Winner in the Department of Health and Human Services National Consumer Education Materials Contest. This content is updated monthly.

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  4. Encyclopædia Britannica

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    Britannica Online School Edition K12 offers encyclopedias, dictionary, thesaurus, illustrations, maps, biographies, educational activities, exercises, study guides, and related material for students and teachers (Kindergarten through 12th grade). Included are the Wisconsin state curriculum standards with links to supporting articles and learning materials. There are separate interfaces for elementary, middle, and high school, as well as for teachers.

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    Encyclopædia Britannica Online
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