Anniversaries (Weddings) -- Gifts

  1. What are the traditional and modern gifts for wedding anniversaries?

    (Traditional / MODERN)

    1st: paper / CLOCKS

    2nd: cotton / CHINA

    3rd: leather / CRYSTAL

    4th: linen(Silk) / ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES

    5th: wood / SILVERWARE

    6th: iron / WOOD

    7th: wool (copper) / DESK SETS

    8th: bronze / LINENS, LACES

    9th: pottery (China) / LEATHER

    10th: tin (Aluminum ) / DIAMOND JEWELRY

    11th: steel / FASHION JEWELRY

    12th: silk / PEARLS or COLORED GEMS

    13th: lace / TEXTILES & FURS

    14th: ivory / GOLD JEWELRY

    15th: crystal / WATCHES


    The Hostess Book, RQ, Winter 1985, The Chicago Public Library.


    When this was entered in the year 2000, some of the gifts were quite humorous.

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