Group Visit

Request a Group Visit any time of year. A variety of literature-based programs are available for children birth through grade 6. Library staff will accommodate special requests based on the availability of staff. Time can be allotted during the visit to check out materials, if desired.

    Procedures for Scheduling a Group Visit
  1. Group visits are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. We can only accommodate your group if you make arrangements with us in advance.
  2. We recommend that you schedule your group visit at least two weeks in advance of your desired visit date to allow us to confirm your date as well as prepare any special materials or considerations your visit may require.
  3. Library cards may be obtained for your students by printing off an application form. Completed forms must be returned to the Circulation Desk at least ten days in advance of the visit or children may be unable to check out library materials.
  4. Appropriate behavior is expected as a courtesy to other library users. Your group is a part of the entire library atmosphere. Running, shouting, and misuse of the library materials and equipment is not allowed.

Questions regarding group visits to the Library or outreach visits to your site can be directed to Ann (our Pre-school Librarian) or Ellen (our school age Librarian); both can be reached at 920-832-6187.

After submitting this form, one of our librarians (Tanya, Ann, or Ellen) will contact you regarding the desired date of your visit.

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