Adobe Creative Cloud (CS6)

All 6 computers have the following software

 Video Editing    
&  Production    

  • Premiere Pro   …edit, manipulate, & export video projects.  Edit & sync multiple camera tracks, correct video exposure and color, add a variety of lighting & camera effects, add title sequences. Export in various high-definition and web-friendly formats. Integrates seamlessly with other Adobe Creative Suite programs.
  • After Effects   …visual effects and animations (motion graphics).  Export your After Effects compositions to Media Encoder to generate a finished product in numerous file types.
  • Media Encoder   …create optimized video for any screen size and resolution. 
  • Encore   …create DVDs in multiple formats from one standalone file.  Import your Premier project to create web/DVDs as well as DVD menus w/o the hassle of rendering first.
  • Speed Grade   …perform complex color corrections to segments of your digital video projects – or to the entire project.


 Audio Editing    

  • Audition   …record, edit, mix, and restore audio compositions.  Enhance quality and audio effects. Adjust multiple clips simultaneously through batch processing.  Integrates with Adobe Premier Pro (edit audio in video projects).


 Graphic Design    

  • Illustrator   …create scalable, vector artwork for print and web projects. Trace and re-color scanned-in artwork.  Create logos, icons, & other complex shapes. Set type for print publications, including business cards.  Create website mockups and graphics for use across multiple screens. 


 Photo  &  Image Editing    

  • Photoshop   …enhance and manipulate photos and create original digital artwork.  Correct exposure, modify color, crop, align, rotate, restore, retouch, combine images, & simulate photographic lens effects. Create textures and 3 dimensinoal shapes, manipulate type, apply special effects.
  • Photoshop Lightroom   …photo processing, with easy fixes for vibrance, clarity, brightness, convert to b&w, remove perspective & lens distortion, process multiple photos at once, and export in a variety of formats for print and web.


 PDF Editing  & Creation    

  • Acrobat Pro   …edit PDFs.  Save filled-out PDF forms.  Create fill-able PDF forms.  Export to PowerPoint.


 Publication Layout    

  • InDesign   …create print & web publications, interactive PDF documents, digital magazines, and ePubs. Create interactive documents with audio, video, slideshows, and HTML content.


 Website  &  App Creation    

  • Dreamweaver   …create websites and applications for use across multiple devices and browsers. Write complex code.
  • Edge Animate   …create HTML-based animation projects with CSS filters.  Build rich, interactive documents with full JAVA script & HTML capabilities.
  • Fireworks   …screen design. Combine vector and bitmap images, mock-ups and interactive content for the web, popular tablets and smartphones.
  • Flash Professional   …create interactive & animated content for screen and web environments.  Animate characters & objects using motion tweens, add visual effects with filters and blurs.
  • Muse   …create websites in a visual, print-like environment without knowing complex coding languages.


 Game Creation    

  • Flash Builder   … develop mobile, tablet, desktop, and web applications using ActionScript and the Adobe Flex framework