Planning Notes

Welcome to our planning page. Here you’ll find up-to-date information on the steps we are taking in our building process, as well as our strategic plan.

Libraries have always changed, and we will continue to evolve as the community’s needs change. One thing that has remained constant is our commitment to continue to be a vital educational institution for our community.

Building Process Update: May 2019

Director Rortvedt provided a brief building process update at the May 2019 board of trustees meeting. There is still no substantial update with the building process. The city and Commercial Horizons, the developer working on the mixed-use library proposal, continue to work through the feasibility of a possible parking solution. Library planning continues to remain on hold.

For more information on the building process, please visit our planning page

Building Process Update: November 2018

The City of Appleton Common Council approved including $5 million in the 2019 budget to continue working on the mixed-use library proposal with Commercial Horizons.

The city and neighboring stakeholders are working to identify ways to provide a comprehensive parking solution to address current and future needs of the proposed area. Library planning will continue as appropriate to remain in sequence with this approach.

For more information on the building process, please visit our planning page.  

Building Process Update: September 2018

There has been a lot of progress on the mixed-use library proposal. Here are some highlights from the last few weeks.

Building Process Update: August 2018

The last couple of weeks have brought excitement and progress on the mixed-use library proposal. 

OPN, the architects working on the proposal, were here several days. They hosted focus groups and community and staff workshops. They also gave presentations to the library board and city council. Over 250 members of the public participated in these activities. 

Building Process Update: July 2018

Here’s a quick update of where we are with the mixed-use library proposal project. I'd also like to take a moment to address the topic on everyone’s minds…parking!

Last week the architects returned to work on the mixed-use library proposal. They worked with a group of city staff, library trustees and neighborhood partners.

We viewed a draft report from their first visit on June 6 and 7. This report will be available to the public when it is complete. It reflects the activities and input of over 150 community members.

Building Process Update: June 2018

Last week OPN, the architects working on Commercial Horizons’ mixed-use proposal, were here to kick off library planning.

Building Process Update: May 2018

Director Rortvedt provided a brief building process update at the May board meeting. She reviewed the memo she sent to board members. In the memo, architecture firm OPN recommends establishing building process work teams. The teams will work through the building process step-by-step and are setup to ensure broad community input. Director Rortvedt and Assistant Director Saecker are working with OPN to create the teams and a schedule with solid dates. The first couple of meetings will take place on June 6 and 7. The June 6 meeting includes an evening visioning session with the public.

Building Process Update: April 2018

For the past several months, City of Appleton and Appleton Public Library staff have been working on a request for proposal (RFP) for a mixed-use development which would include a public library. Submitted proposals have been evaluated and interviews with developers have been completed. Based on the proposals and interviews, City of Appleton staff have recommended moving forward with the RFP submitted by Commercials Horizons - which includes a mixed-use project with apartments and a new Appleton Public Library on the site of the current Soldier's Square ramp.

Building Process Update: March 2018

Members of the Appleton Public Library Building and Equipment Committee and City of Appleton Finance Committee met Monday, March 26 to discuss the downtown mixed-use project that would include a new library. 

Both the Finance Committee and the Building and Equipment Committee voted unanimously to continue moving forward with the Commercial Horizons proposal on the current Soldier’s Square ramp.

This will now go to the full City of Appleton Common Council (Wednesday, April 4) and Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees (Tuesday, April 17) for a vote. 

Mixed-Use Development Proposal Presentation

On Thursday, March 15 Mayor Hanna, city staff and members of the development team from Commercial Horizons gave a presentation on a proposed mixed-use development project that would include a new Appleton Public Library.

The presentation gave residents a chance to hear the details of that proposal that are available at this stage, as well as ask questions they have about the project. You can view the video by clicking the link below.

March 15 Mixed-Use Development Proposal Presentation and Q&A