Building Process Update: July 2017

The Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees met Tuesday, July 18. As noted on the agenda, the library board discussed recommendations for moving forward with mixed-use RFPs for the library.

President Scheuerman read a memo from Director Rortvedt detailing her recommendations for moving forward with mixed-use RFPs for the library.

The recommendations from Director Rortvedt include:

1. RFP should align with Comprehensive Plan, Parking Study, Mobility Study, proposed TIF
    plans, if applicable, and current library building program document.
2. RFP document should be developed by city and library staff and approved by both the
    common council (council) and the library board.
3. Proposal review and selection of finalist will follow the City of Appleton’s Procurement Policy
    with city and library staff presenting a recommendation to the council and the library board.
4. Stakeholder and community input should be a priority in the process.
5. RFP should clearly focus on mixed-use development.
6. RFP should be for renovation and redevelopment of existing site or a new library.
7. Geographic boundary should be based off an appropriate boundary so as not to not be
    restrictive, while taking care to incorporate only areas that can accommodate the library
    based on parking and access needs.

The library board unanimously voted to approve the memo, therefore approving the recommendations listed. 

The meeting agenda, related documents (Director Rortvedt's memo), minutes and video are posted on the City of Appleton calendar.