Wireless Printing

You can print at the library from your own Windows environment or Mac environment (Intel-only) laptop after downloading the appropriate Print Client. If you save the client (clientlauncher.exe) to a permanent folder, whenever you come to the library you can double-click to launch it, rather than downloading it repeatedly. Printing costs are listed here.

Download Print Client to Access Wireless Printing


after print client installs, go to the item you want to print Client will install and you will see this box. Go to the page(s) you want to print.
select printer option that fits your needs When you select to Print, you will see wireless printer options offering combinations of the following 3 choices
1.  Where you want to get your printing. 1st or 2nd floor.
2.  B&W (15¢/pg) or Color (35¢/pg).
3.  One-sided or two-sided. Cost is by toner application, so printing 2 one-sided pages or 1 two-sided page costs the same.

*Make sure you also indicate which pages you want to print: All, or a Range of pages. Always use Print Preview when printing from the internet so you can opt out of printing 'junk.' You can also preview your pages at the print release station.

give the print job a name Give your print job a name. If you are printing more than once, assign each print job the same name so they are grouped together when it comes time to pay and pick up your printing. The print job name can be anything: a word, a first name, a code, or even your library card number; just be sure to remember it.
click OK Click OK once you assigned the print job a name.
confirm the price Confirm the price. Once you click OK to confirm, the print job has been sent to the printer.
printing confirmed as sent After you click OK, you will see this confirmation that it was sent to the printer. You don't have to keep track of any numbers on this popup because you will use your print job name (step 3) to retrieve all your printing.

Go to the print release station and follow these steps to get your printing.
These instructions are also posted at the print release stations on the first and second floors.

print release station instructions