QuickRef Topics - collection of links to valuable web sites based on broad topics. QuickRef is intended to be used as a starting point for providing reference services to patrons and off-site users. Topics are organized alphabetically.

QuickRef desires to link to sites that are well reviewed and provide quality, reliable information; however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information found on these sites. Links to commercial sites are chosen for the usefulness of the free information made available and is neither an endorsement nor recommendation for the services provided.

Ready Reference - links to internet sites of a more specific nature than QuickRef (for example, Calculators and Converters, Online Dictionaries, Forms, Genealogy, etc.). Ready Reference topics provide links to websites that can provide information on frequently-asked-for subject matter.

Fast Facts - get answers immediately to some Appleton or Wisconsin-based questions, as well as frequently-asked-questions received by the Appleton Public Library Reference Desk. Fast Facts are listed alphabetically by topic (see topics in the right-column of the Fast Facts page).