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What is the African American National Anthem? African American National Anthem
What are the age limits under Wisconsin law? Age Laws
What are the names for anniversary celebrations for years other than centennials? Anniversaries (Centennial etc...)
What are the traditional and modern gifts for wedding anniversaries? Anniversaries (Weddings) -- Gifts
What is the elevation of Appleton? Appleton--elevation
What is the geographic location of Appleton? Appleton--location
When is Arbor Day? Arbor Day
Why are barns red? Barns--color
What's an easy way to relieve the pain of a bee sting? Bee stings
Why is New York City called the Big Apple? Big Apple
What is a Blue Moon? Blue Moon
How can a musty smell be removed from a book? Books--musty smell
How should a wet book be dried? Books--wet
What was the original name of Appleton’s Memorial Drive Bridge? Bridges
When did the ban on cigarette advertising take place? Cigarettes
Is Common Law recognized in Wisconsin? Common Law Marriage
What is the "Cooling Off Law"? Cooling Off Law
When does Daylight Savings Time begin and end? Daylight Savings Time
How long has Laurie Depies been missing? Depies, Laurie
When did the ship The Edmund Fitzgerald sink? Edmund Fitzgerald
What is Queen Elizabeth's last name? Elizabeth, Queen
What does "Erin Go Braugh" mean? Erin Go Braugh
What is erythorbate, an ingredient listed on many frankfurter labels? Erythorbate
What do flowers worn behind the ears signify in Polynesia? Flowers worn behind the ears
What is the name of the fountain and sculpture in Appleton's City Park? Fountain
What are some facts about Wisconsin's Fox River? Fox River, Wisconsin
What is the geographic center of Wisconsin? Geographic Center of Wisconsin
How many dimples are on a golf ball? Golf Ball
What is Wisconsin's Good Samaritan law? Good Samaritan Law
What are the three words in the English language that end in "gry"? gry
What is the name of the sculpture on the north end of the Oneida Skyline Bridge? Hadzi Sculpture
What is the highest point in Appleton? Highest Point in Appleton
What was the old date for the filing of income taxes? Income Tax Day
What are the words to the Irish Toast? Irish Toast
Who are the men in the famous flag-raising photo at Iwo Jima? Iwo Jima
How big is Lake Winnebago? Lake Winnebago
What is the deepest lake in Wisconsin? Lakes--deepest
What is Wisconsin's Lemon Law? Lemon Law
What's that poem about letting something go free and it coming back to you? let it go free
What was the name of Green Bay's Lombardi Avenue before it was named Lombardi? Lombardi Avenue
What do the symbols on the back of the dollar bill mean? Money--symbols
What is the distance between Appleton and the North Pole? North Pole
In Appleton, where is true north? North--magnetic and true
How does the point system for driving violations work? Points--driving violations
What is the price of first-class U.S. postage stamps, and how often has it changed? Postage Stamps
What is the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer? Prayer--Alcoholics Anonymous
Have any US Presidents ever visited Appleton during their time in office? Presidential Visits
What do the various colors of lapel ribbons mean? Ribbons
Which American rivers flow north? Rivers flowing north
What is the highest point on an interstate highway? Roads
Did Chief Seattle really make the "Fifth Gospel" speech? Seattle, Chief
What are the seven deadly sins and the seven virutes? Seven Deadly Sins & Virtues
What are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? Seven Wonders of the World -- Ancient
What are the Seven Wonders of the Modern World? Seven Wonders of the World -- Modern
What are the Seven Wonders of the Natural World? Seven Wonders of the World -- Natural
What's the saying about having no shoes? Shoes--no feet
What was O. J. Simpson's mug shot number (during the time his wife was murdered)? Simpson, O.J.
What is spanferkel? Spanferkel
What is swallow float? Swallow Float
What is the tallest building in Appleton? Tallest Building in Appleton
What is the coldest recorded temperature in Appleton? Termperature--record--Appleton
Where is it possible to get the official time? Time
What is Title IX? Title IX
When did it become illegal for minors to possess tobacco? Tobacco
Has a tornado ever hit Appleton? Tornadoes
How many trees are saved by recycling? Trees
Are there 'secret tunnels' under the city of Appleton? Tunnels
Is there a public well in Appleton? Wells
Where is the Yo-Yo capital of the world? Yo-Yo

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