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Animal Congregations -- What do you call a group of...

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center


Famous Animals

Animal Astronauts

Famous Animals

Presidential Pets

Animal Rights Organizations

-- official home page of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals nationwide

-- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Animal Welfare Information Center
-- from the USDA, this provides information for animal care and use in research, teaching and testing

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Forensic Lab
-- the only crime lab in the world dedicated entirely to wildlife

Breed Rescues

Breed Rescue Index
-- dedicated to animal rescues and humane societies throughout the United States

Dog Breed Rescues -- provided by the American Kennel Club

Horse Breed Rescues -- indexed by breed


General Research

All About Birds -- Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Insects and Entomology -- Iowa State webguide

EPA-Registered Bed Bug Products