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WI County Legal Resources - this database organizes agencies, forms, guides, ordinances, and court rules for each WI county. Updated quarterly and links updated weekly.


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UCLA - online guide to legal research includes free resources along with items availble only to UCLA law students

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WI State Law Library - includes very helpful informational guides for numerous legal topics

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Circuit Court Access - provides access to certain public records of the circuit courts of Wisconsin

* Outagamie County Current Inmate List - updated every 30 minutes

*Outagamie Cty Sheriff's Dept Jail Media Report - bookings for the last 24 hour period

Sex Offender Registry - In 1997, the State of Wisconsin enacted the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Law. This law was created to monitor and track people convicted of sex crimes and to provide access to this information for police, victims and the general public.

Family WatchDog - includes virtual maps of sex offenders' homes and workplaces

*Enroll to receive e-mail alerts when registered sex offenders move in or out of your neighborhood (part of the WI Dept of Corrections Sex Offender Registry)

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