50 Fantastic Things to Do with Preschoolers

50 Fantastic Things to Do With Preschoolers


As days in the outside world become shorter and colder, the inside world undergoes a transformation as well. It is amazing how the sounds, colors and textures in our world can change during the winter.  Have you just finished a delicious box of chocolates? Pull out those crinkly papers and keep that shiny gold box.  Just finished wrapping some presents? Don’t throw away the scraps. Keeping away the cold with some hot chocolate? Don’t throw away the marshmallows that fall on the floor. Encourage your preschoolers to explore these materials.  Put out some scissors and glue and see what they can create.  Learning how to manipulate different kinds of materials will help them enormously as they later tackle school projects and, right now, these scraps can provide hours of inside fun!

Are your children too young for scissors and glue? Would they simply put all those tiny scraps right into their mouths?  No worries. For toddlers and babies, try out some ideas found in 50 Fantastic Things to Do With Toddlers and 50 Fantastic Things to Do With Babies.  

For example, pull out some mittens/gloves in different sizes and with different textures. Help your child explore how the different mittens/gloves feel.  Do they have a favorite? Clap out a rhyme with the gloves and without them. Listen together to how the sound changes.  Not only are they learning an enormous amount by interacting with the different sounds and textures, but this game might make bundling up to go outside a little easier.

Find these ideas and more in Sally and Phill Featherstone’s series. Each book is filled with easy one page activities suitable for children at various developmental levels. You might be surprised by how many of these games you can play using everyday items you have at home.  By the time you are ready to return these books to the library, you will have enough ideas to last you all the way to next winter!




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