The All You Can Eat Dream Buffet

Barbara O'Neal

This story is about four “food bloggers”, each with their own personal struggles. The four women met through their blogs and have become good friends, each helping the other get through traumatic events in their lives. Soon they will all be meeting for the first time face to face at Lavender’s birthday party.

Lavender is the 85 yr old owner of the thriving Lavender Honey Farm, in Washington State. With failing health, Lavender is struggling to find someone to take over her beloved farm. Someone who will love it as much as she has and keep it going after she is gone.

Ruby, is a survivor of childhood leukemia. She became a Vegan to help heal from her disease. She now writes a Vegan blog and runs a Vegan food truck. After a painful breakup, she finds herself pregnant and unsettled. Ruby needs to find a place to finally settle down, especially now that she has the baby to consider.

Ginny is an unhappily married cake decorator from Kansas. She finds an outlet for herself in writing a popular cake decorating blog. Finding little support from her husband and family, Ginny purchases an Airstream trailer and decides to venture out on her own for the first time in her life.   

Valerie, a retired ballerina, lost her husband and two of her daughters in a tragic plane crash. After the accident she created a wine blog to distract her from her grief. Val seeks a fresh start for her and her remaining daughter. They head out on a cross-country road trip hoping to find their new home along the way.

Together these women learn that leaning on others is not a sign of weakness. What they are missing in their lives is found during their journey to the farm and during their stay at the farm. It is a beautiful story, filled with sadness and joy. Love lost and love found and the true meaning of friendship.

I came across Barbara O’Neal’s books while browsing the library’s shelves for a new book to read. I was instantly hooked by her stories. Each story is somehow rooted in food culture, yet the way she manages to personalize each character’s struggles and accomplishments, draws you in and keeps you anxiously waiting for the next book to come out.

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