Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types

Book cover

Hi, everyone! My name is Miss Kristi (a.k.a. the new Library Assistant in Children’s Services). With my reviews, you will find a lot of picture books, books about art, books to film and YA fiction. To get us started, I recently read Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe this book!

Werner and Forss explored the worlds of dinosaurs, the alphabet and typography. Each page reveals a new dinosaur (in alphabetical order of course) constructed with its corresponding letter. For example, Werner and Forss designed the brachiosaurus with the letter “b.” By using different font sizes, colors and boldness, the dinosaurs take on an unexpected three-dimensionality.

Readers discover a phonetic pronunciation of the dinosaur’s name, when the dinosaur lived, and what it ate. The authors included numerous fun facts full of alliteration relating to the corresponding letter. For example, Werner and Forss wrote, “Hydrotherosaurus was as heavy as a hippopotamus.”

Alphasaurs is a solid read for the school aged. And, as Miss Kathleen said, “This book is great for adults to brush up on their dinosaurs, too!” If you have enjoyed Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types, be sure to check out Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types or Bugs by the Numbers: Facts and Figures for Multiple Types of Bugbeasties.

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