Barry's Best Buddy

Barry's Best Buddy


In this Toon Book by Renee French, Barry's best friend Polarhog (a polarhog?) comes by with a surprise for Barry.  After leaving Barry's gray house, they first stop by a hat shop ("NOT going to happen" says Barry), and continue down the path in fantastic hats, (one of which tragically disappears).  In the foreground we watch ants sweating away with lightbulbs, paint, cords, etc., and wonder, what in the world could be going on.  They arrive at their final destination:  Barry's newly painted and lit-up house!  The ants exclaims "happy birthday", and "we love to decorate". 

The drawings are done in pencil and were colored digitally.  While it has some challenging words (tragedy, beautiful, decorate, polarhog), its a great book for an early reader, an older reader, or for a reader sharing with a younger child.


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