Beauty and the Squat Bears

Beauty and the Squat Bears


This unusual graphic novel was originally published in France in 2009, and includes elements from Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Three Bears, and the Three Pigs.  When the Snow White-esque character meets the seven bears, she asks to stay with them and do whatever they want, but not chores.  After all, she is a princess!  As princesses are supposed to marry princes, one of the bears gets the idea to find her a prince, and he goes off in search of a prince for the princess to marry.  He meets several, they have an altercation with a fairy godmother, and things go badly from there.  The reader will be surprised at the ending.  The bright colors are perfect for the graphic novel format, and new readers who already know the original stories well will appreciate this book.  If a reader does not know the original they will not understand.

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