Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas

A Toon Book (2013)
Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas


This Level 2 easy to read comic book (toon book) by Philippe Coudray, an import from France, stars Benjamin Bear and quite often a little bunny.  Each page tells its own short story.  For example, in "Something out of nothing", the bunny announces that it's "impossible to make something out of nothing".  Benjamin Bear says that it's impossible to make one thing, but two things yes!  And he demonstrates by digging a hole.  Now he has a hole in the ground and a mound of dirt next to it.  Or the vignette where bunny suggests to Benjamin Bear that he can't catch a squirrel.  Benjamin chases a squirrel up a tree, then uproots the tree and brings it to the bunny.  These books will be popular with reluctant and avid readers alike and I look forward to reading more adventures about Benjamin Bear.  This volume received starred reviews from Horn Book, School Library Journal, and Booklist.

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