Benji Franklin, Kid Zillionaire

Benji Franklin, Kid Ziollionaire


Benji Franklin is a smart kid.  He invents a computer app called "Excuse Yourself" that creates excuses for kids when they don't want to do something.  Not only does it create an excuse, it shows the odds of the excuse of working, a list of advice for the user, and a tracking option so a kid doesn't accidentally use the same excuse too often.  The next day Benji logs into the account he created for app sales--$344,052!  The app had been downloaded nearly 250,000 times overnight.  And the number of downloads just keeps going up and up and up.  Benji is becoming famous.  Famous enough, that when a group of scientists lose the dinosaurs they recently cloned, they call Benji for help with the excuse (why the dinosaurs escaped) and catching the dinosaurs.  Benji of course knows exactly how to catch the dinosaurs and in the process saves his mother's food pantry problems at the same time.  The book is silly, and absolutely everything in it is implausible, but that's why it works.  Recommended for those reluctant readers and anyone who wants a good laugh.

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