Binky Takes Charge

Binky Takes Charge

Binky is no ordinary cat; unbeknownst to his owners, he is a certified space cat, and their home is a space station!  After several adventures featuring space travel (going outdoors), battles with aliens (bugs), a daring rescue of Binky’s beloved toy mouse, Ted, and a challenge from a superior officer (foster cat Gracie), Binky has been promoted to lieutenant by F.U.R.S.T. (Felines of the Universe Ready for Space Travel).  After busily and excitedly preparing to train his first recruit (a new pet in the house), Binky is shocked and disgusted to discover that the recruit is—NOT A CAT!  Oh, fuzzbutt, it must be a mistake, thinks Binky.   But this is no mistake.  Gordie is a tail-wagging, floor-peeing, sloppy-eating, toy-stealing, paper-shredding, goofy little puppy!  How can Binky make a certified space pet out of him?   Orders are orders though, so poor Binky tries, until he realizes that there’s more to Gordie than meets the eye--including the possibility that he’s really a double agent, in league with aliens!

Binky is an endearing white comic cat with black mask and black and pink ears that often come to a point on top of his head.  The art and humor of Binky’s graphic novel adventures reflect Spires’ knowledge of cats, their habits and antics; although there are some jokes that cat lovers will especially enjoy, Binky and his friends are all-around entertaining.   This is the fourth book in the delightful “Binky” series, which began in 2009 with Binky the Space Cat. Watch for Number 5, Binky, License to Scratch.  (For cat and graphic novel lovers who want something else to read while they’re waiting, try Frank Le Gall’s “Miss Annie” series, or Chi’s Sweet Home by Konami Kanata.)

This review is dedicated to Baby, another extraordinary cat.

“Binky Adventure” books are recommended for kids grades 2 and up.

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