Blue Fire

Book II of The Healing Wars Series
Blue Fire book cover

This story follows where The Shifter ended.  In Blue Fire, our heroine, 15-year-old Nya, begins with the same goal that she had in The Shifter – to keep the people she loves safe.  Unfortunately, because of her unique ability to shift pain from one person to another, this is tougher than it sounds.  Tali, Nya’s sister, and the other takers are hiding in Geveg from the evil invading Duke of Baser.  He is hunting for Nya and the takers to use their skills in his pain experiments.  Now Nya must go undercover in order to help protect the ones she loves and also the people of her hometown, Geveg.  As in the first book, Nya must make difficult decisions that may hurt or even kill others.  She must face her own war raging inside her when forced to use her healing powers to injure and kill.

While selling goods at the markets, she tries to help a street urchin and gets captured by kidnappers sent by the Duke.  After escaping, Nya sets out to free her imprisoned friends and sister.  With the help of an underground group of fighters Nya is involved in a series of dangerous activities.

New characters include the street gang, Ceun and Quenji; the underground fighters and its’ leader, Onderaan; and Vyand, the tracker sent to capture Nya.  There are some interesting discoveries that Nya encounters in her relationships with the underground fighters.  Her old friends stand by her and their characters become even stronger than in the first book.

This is a very action-packed fantasy that will leave you thinking about such issues as what is right or wrong, whether to hurt someone or run from responsibility.  Nya’s character is very similar to the heroine of the Hunger Games, Katniss.  The two series are very similar in that the heroine becomes a symbol for freedom.  The story ends with more of a cliffhanger than the first, with more loose ends to tie up, but it leads right into book three, Darkfall.  This story is very satisfying on its own and can be read without reading the first book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a fantasy full of adventure, intrigue, and mind challenges.  It is a book about morals and values being challenged and teens facing difficult decisions and becoming stronger in character.

I would recommend this book for grades 5 through 9.

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