Bookmarks Are People Too!

Bookmarks Are People Too!


In this prequel series to the Hank Zipzer series, Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver tell us about Hank's adventures in the 2nd grade.  In "Bookmarks are People, Too" Hank's classroom is putting on a play about a library that comes to life at night.  Hank is concerned about trying out for a part.  What if he has trouble reading the script, since reading is so hard for him?  In the end, the teacher gives Hank the non-speaking role of a bookmark.  During rehearsals, Hank has a hard time just standing around, and ad-libs a few times, and those remarks are allowed to stay in the play.  During the actual performance, the boy who has been giving Hank a hard time at school forgets his lines, and Hank jumps in and saves the play.  When Hank is asked by his parents how he knew what to do, he realizes that he is smart: he had memorized all the lines by listening to them over and over in rehearsal.  The last page is a list of the things that make Hank feel great: friends, family, and himself.  This is a great book for 1st graders just starting chapter books up to 3rd grade students. 

A Short Tale About a Long Dog is also available.


Also, one interesting piece of information I looked up:  on the page with the Library of Congress CIP data were the words "Typeset in Dyslexie Font B.V.".  I had never heard of Dyslexie Font before I read this book, but I was pleased to learn that someone had created a font that was easier for a dyslexic student to read.

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