Bot Wars

Cover for Bot Wars

The story takes place in a futuristic world where the United States has been divided into 13 districts after the war with robots. In this society the “Bots’ are banned and are forced to live in the district known as Bot Territory.  The hero is a young twelve-year-old boy named Trout, who wants to find his father who is reported missing after the war.  He hasn’t given up hope and plans to get his story out on the Net with the help of a classmate, Tellie Rix.  They make a video-message that brings about a variety of unintended consequences. 

Trout is now thrown into a number of adventures.  He meets a robot, named LT, who rescues him and takes him to Bot territory, he meets his father, and his brother, Po is captured by the District’s government.  Trout learns the truth about his father, and must save his brother.  Trout’s father was involved with the Meta-Rise, a union of people and bots who want equal rights for all, especially the robots.

The story and characters were very good.  The gadgets used in rescuing Po were clever, and the slang seemed somewhat appropriate.  Examples of the slang words included “notched” or “cracked” or “go nuclear’ and people can “gear out” or be a “drain clogger” or “totally wrenched”.  The sentences were written in such a way that the reader would know what a word meant.

This Science Fiction story is fast-paced and engaging.  It is appropriate for grades 5th through 7th grade.

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