Bowling Alley Bandit

Bowling Alley Bandit


Arnie the Doughnut was first introduced in 2003 by Laurie Keller as a picture book.  Now he's back in a chapter book for early readers, in what is to be a planned series.  Readers may remember that Mr. Bing decided not to eat Arnie for breakfast, but instead make him into a doughnut dog.  Arnie accompanies Mr. Bing everywhere, including to his bowling league, where he is competing in the 62nd Annual Lemon Lanes Bowling Championship.   Mr. Bing is doing a great job bowling, and his team is in first place, until Mr. Bing starts throwing gutter balls.  Arnie solves the mystery of the gutter balls and is off to save the day.  The book is filled with fun illustrations, dialogue bubbles, and regular text.  The next Arnie the Doughnut chapter book is due out February of 2014.  Until then, if you haven't read the original picture book, check that out too!


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