Brief Thief

Brief Thief


Books about underwear rarely fail to amuse.  This book is no exception.  Leon, a lizard, has to go to the bathroom, but discovers there is no toilet paper left.  He does notice hanging from a tree an old holey pair of underwear.  He uses those and throws them into a bush.  His conscience then takes over.  What if those underwear had belonged to someone?  What if they had been left hanging there by someone to dry?  Leon begins to scrub the underwear until they are clean, and feeling good about himself again, goes on his way.  Turns out those holes had a meaningful purpose...and you'll have to read the book to find out what it was.  I laughed out loud at this book and was thoroughly disgusted (while wildly amused at the same time) by the ending.  Highly entertaining for children in kindergarten and up.

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