Broken Harbor


Tana French is a master of tension and mystery. Her latest novel, Broken Harbor, tells the story of Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy, one of Dublin’s top murder detectives, as he attempts to solve the murder of a young family in a largely abandoned new housing development. Only the mother has survived, and she is in the hospital in critical condition. Although Brianstown, the location of the murders, is the site of a major trauma from Kennedy’s youth, he feels like the case will be a simple solve that will make him untouchable on the murder squad. As he and his young partner investigate, Kennedy slowly realizes that the case is far deeper and murkier than he expected. At the same time, his younger sister (who has had mental health problems for most of her life) starts to go off the deep end again, adding an extra layer of stress for Kennedy. Tana French does a wonderful job creating characters that are very real, flaws and all, and she provides plenty of twists and turns throughout the novel. Broken Harbor was a very entertaining read. If you like police procedurals or a good mystery of any kind, I would also recommend her earlier novels, In the Woods, The Likeness, and Faithful Place.

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