Cheesie Mack is Cool in a Duel

Cheesie Mack is Cool in a Duel


Just in time for summer, Cheesie Mack and his best friend Georgie are back. If you haven’t read Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything, you should, but it doesn’t have to stop you from reading this book because Cheesie fills you in on all the important details right at the beginning.

Cheesie’s real name is Ronald and he is eleven years old. He lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts with one older sister. Her name is June, but Cheesie prefers to call her Goon.

In this book, Cheesie and Georgie are heading off to summer camp. This will be their best summer EVER because this year they will be the oldest of the Little Guy campers. That means that they get to build the campfires and choose the teams.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances discussed in Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything, Georgie registered late for camp. When they arrive they find that they have been put in with the Big Guys. Now, instead of being the biggest of the Little Guys, they are the littlest of the Big Guys. As if that isn’t bad enough, Goon’s boyfriend Kevin is in the cabin with them and he is determined to make Cheesie’s life as miserable as possible. Finally, fed up with Kevin’s tricks, Cheesie challenges him to a cool duel. Each day, Cheesie and Kevin try to outdo each other in coolness. Each night, the boys in their cabin vote on who is the coolest. After a week, the loser will have to bow to the winner in front of the whole camp. Doesn't that sound embarrasing? How can Cheesie possibly convince a whole cabin of Big Guy’s that he is cooler than Kevin?

Filled with adventure, mischief and even a scary story, this book is the perfect way to begin summer break.  Keep an eye out for a new Cheesie adventure, Cheesie Mack is Running Like Crazy, coming out soon as well. 

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