Chloe and the Lion

Chloe and the Lion (2012)

Mac Barnett, author of the Brixton Brothers chapter book series, offers up an unusual look into how a book is written and illustrated. He writes about a girl named Chloe who is wandering through the forest. When illustrator Adam Rex decides to draw a dragon instead of the lion Mac has written about, Mac calls him out and fires him. He hires a new illustrator, Hank, who draws a lion which promptly eats Adam. Hank does not live up to the expectations Mac has for his book, and he starts to miss Adam. He fires Hank and decides to do the illustrations himself, but find that his talent is not in the art of drawing, but in writing. Chloe goes through the forest looking for someone to free Adam from the inside of the lion, and runs into several literary characters along the way, none of which are able to help. Ultimately Chloe comes up with a wonderful plan to free Adam, who can finish illustrating the story. This book is reminiscent of "Do Not Open This Book" by Michaela Muntean, which is also about an author trying to write a book while being constantly interrupted.

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