A Christmas Tree for Pyn

A Christmas Tree for Pyn
Oother is a big, gruff, widowed mountain man who lives with his small, gentle, pigtailed daughter, Pyn. While he loves Pyn, Oother is not the kind to soften for anyone; when Pyn calls him “Papa,” he responds with a grunt, “My name is Oother.” Patient, uncomplaining Pyn cooks and keeps house while Oother works all day in the woods. As Christmas draws near, Pyn longs for a tree to decorate, to help bring cheer into their humble cottage. When Pyn asks, Oother’s immediate grunt of an answer is, “No Christmas Tree.” But Pyn does not give up, and finally sets off alone in the snow to find the perfect tree.
Popular author and artist Olivier Dunrea uses his distinctive, clean lines and intricate shadings to illustrate this sweet (not sappy) story.  This would make a great holiday bedtime story, especially for ages 5-8.
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