Crankee Doodle

Crankee Doodle


Crankee Doodle is laugh out loud funny.  When Crankee announces that he is bored, his pony suggests going to town, which Crankee promptly dismisses with a long diatribe about why would he ever want to go to town.  The pony suggests shopping.  Crankee says no.  The pony suggests a feather for Crankee's hat, which Crankee thinks is folly.  When suggested that Crankee call the hat macaroni he goes into a rampage about how feathers don't look macaroni, and when learning that macaroni is just another word for fancy he further rambles on about how lasagna is fancier than macaroni.  After insulting the pony, Crankee decides to make it up to him by going to town after all. 

The author's note at the end is narrated by the pony and is hilarious.  For example, "Macaroni really did mean 'fancy', but I think the real reason they said it is because it rhymes with 'pony'. (That's me! I rhyme!)"  This picture book received starred reviews from both Horn Book Magazine and Kirkus Reviews.  If you like this book, try The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, also by Tom Angleberger.  For another fractured version of Yankee Doodle try Mary Ann Hoberman's version, called simply Yankee Doodle.

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